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A solid WiFi network is indispensable in a company or school. People often start building this themselves with some home-garden-and-kitchen equipment, with the result that the whole does not work reliably. We first make an analysis (detect possible bottlenecks in underlying wired network hardware), then we conduct a site survey and look at the requirements in terms of coverage together with you.


You can choose from a solution with a controller or centrally controlled from the cloud. This way you always have central management in function of your needs. We also have systems to automate Wi-Fi access via social login (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+) or SMS or via voucher. Several hotels, SMEs and schools already use our services. If desired, we personalize the landing page on which your users or customers end up.

BYOD (Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace)

Do you already use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace? Then we can ensure that your staff members or students can log in based on their email address. You no longer need to run a local server. The authentication is completely handled in the cloud.


Self service registration module

Your visitors check in on a tablet and automatically receive a visitor badge and a secure WiFi password. The host is notified that his visitor is at the reception. You always have an overview of the visitors in your company.

Buy or WaaS

You can purchase or choose for WaaS. In the case of Wifi-as-a-Service, you pay a fixed amount per month, which includes the access points, but also configuration service and after-sales service as well as replacement of APs at contract renewal.

Indoor, Outdoor, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint

Do you not only need WiFi indoors, but also outdoors (playground, garden, pool house, etc.)? Then we take care of this with rainproof equipment.
Need internet where none is available? Then choose our Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint solution. In that case we beam the internet between 1 or more points.


We work together with the following vendors:

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