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Microsoft Azure


Create connected, cross-platform experiences adapted to customer interactions using AI and machine learning.

Cognitive Services

  • See, hear, speak, search, understand and integrate decision making into your apps via API link.
  • Puts AI within the reach of developers. No ML expertise required.


Create workloads that scale up and down based on demand. In addition, you can deliver software faster and more reliably with end-to-end DevOps solutions.


  • Monitoring equipment to avoid critical and expensive downtime
  • Predictive maintenance: anticipate failures and guarantee uptime
  • Azure IoT for a safer workplace


Modernize applications through serverless and containers. Deploy Windows and Linux virtual machines in cloud and hybrid environments.


  • Provide Windows 10 desktops anywhere, on any device

  • Built-in, intelligent security

  • Deploy and scale in minutes

  • Reduce costs with existing licenses

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