Why cloud?


  1. Move from CapEx to OpEx as there is no need to purchase local server hardware. Hence also no costs for local maintenance (antivirus, updates, interventions).
  2. Scalability: only pay for what you use. It becomes very issue to cope with peak moments. For example events on your website or a sudden boost in staff.
  3. Enhanced productivity: your sales and technical staff no longer need to travel to the office in order to get the latest version of the documents and plans. Mail, agenda, documents etc can be read and updated from any device in any format.  They can also easily work together on documents and so work mork efficiently. This leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  4. Enhanced security:
    - keep track of sharing of documents. Prevent sharing sensitive data.
    - protect your company from force majeure (flooding, fire, theft) by having a copy of your data online.
    - Devices must meet certain requirements before they can access data. Wipe devices from distance.
    - Multifactor authentication : users must identify themselves using addtional verifications beside a password.
    - Check for virus or ransomware in attachments and links.
    - If someone logs-in from 2 total different locations in a very short time, the system will alers you.
  5. Always the latest technology in the best conditions. Your data is kept in one of the super protected and super secure data centers of Microsoft. At least 3 copies of your data are being taken. Optional you can choose for 6 copies in several datacenters. On premise you can never obtain the same level of security and updates. In the cloud everything is done for you.  Your peace of mind is paramount.


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