"We wanted to streamline IT for the group at home and abroad so that it could work in a more harmonized and efficient manner.

Our IT partner CDM ICT initially recommended Office365 to ensure that mail and calendar on all devices would be perfectly synchronized.

After the implementation of this, the GDPR problem was tackled by upgrading to Microsoft365. This means that we have the latest version of Windows10 and Office on all devices, so that outdated software is no longer a threat. On the other hand, all devices are centrally managed from the cloud, enabling us to roll out a virtually perfect security policy. All potential elements of danger have been countered: the users, the apps, the devices and the data itself. We can remotely erase business data and we can indicate with labels what can / should be done with certain files. This system also offers us the possibility to delete all data of a particular customer within our MS365 environment with the push of a button. This way we also meet the requirements of GDPR.

Thanks to the hybrid set-up of our network and SSO, we can now log on to our devices and Office365 with the same password, which increases usability.

Finally, an ingenious backup system was rolled out whereby we can perfectly and easily restore mail at mail level and data from SharePoint.

In short, productivity, safety and peace of mind are guaranteed. "

Bart Duysters, Group general manager Aquasystems International NV