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It is simply unthinkable that a school or company can operate fine without a decent wifi.

Often, one starts building this with some home-garden and kitchen equipment, which means that it does not work reliably.

We first analyze (find possible bottlenecks in underlying wired hardware), then we perform a site survey and based on your requirements for coverage we draw up a plan.

You can choose a solution with controller or centrally controlled from the cloud. This way you always have central management in function of your needs.

We also have systems to automate Wi-Fi access through social login (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+) or SMS.

Several hotels, SMEs and schools already make use of our services.

If desired, we personalize the landing page as per your request.

You can opt for purchase or WaaS. In case of Wifi-as-a-Service you pay a fixed price per month including not only the accesspoints but also our configuration service and after sales service. Even replacement by new AP's at the end of contract (upon renewal).

We supply the following brands: Aerohive, Netgear, Lancom en Ruckus.