SBS killer

  • office365
  • Dublin datacenter
  • UPS
  • container based computing
  • azure racks

Do you need to replace your old SBS ?

Why would you still invest in an on premise server?

We offer a solutions that
- does not require purchase of a server
- does not require maintenance (patches/upgrades) of local server
- reduces costs : no consumption of electricity by local server
- removes the need for local IT
- takes care of your peace of mind by online back-up and disaster recovery
- you only pay for what you use(eg seasonal increase or decrease of staff)
- always offers the latest technology
- guarantees security and privacy
- increases productivity by higher efficiency
- makes collaboration and sharing a piece of cake

Interested? Then read on quickly. Below you'll find more info as well as 2 case studies.

Our powerful cloud solution consists of:


IT without worry
Very secure and redundant datacenters
E-mail 50 GB
No or lower hardware costs on site
OneDrive for Business 1TB (ten minste)
Very fast migration
Skype for Business
Take you LoB apps (like accountancy) to the cloud
Modern collaboartion by groups, teams, planner, findtime, bookings...
Archive in the cloud
File server in the cloud
Privacy and Security
RDS (remote app/ desktop)
Works on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android) on any format (pc, tablet, GSM)
Hybrid scenarios with local server possible
Cost effective
Back-up or disaster recovery in the cloud

Want to know more ?

Please provide us with you mail address and name and read 2 case studies of companies that have taken the step.
Or explore how cloud contributes to business success.
Finally we offer a free e-book about the myths that rule about switching to the cloud.