Office 365

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Why choose Office365?

A complete mail solution

Office 365 contains Exchange Online, which replaces your internal mailserver by putting it in the cloud. Fixed IP is not needed anymore, no more expensive server or maintenance but you enjoy the same possibilities and more. You can continue to work in Outlook, but also using the webmail portal. This even offers the online versions of Word en Excel!

Your data in the cloud

Contains Sharepoint Online to keep central shared data (so as a replacement of your fileserver), and Onedrive for Business as a kind of "My Documents" in the cloud. Access anytime your online data from any device and sync to any device so that you have always access (also off-line). For privacy reasons your data are only kept for 30 days but optionally this can be extended. Click here to find out more. That way you are better protected against human errors and cases of force majeure (fire, theft enz).

Office apps

Per user you can install the complete Microsoft Office suite (incl. Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Onenote, Access, Publisher and more) up to 5 different devices (desktop PC, laptop, tablet,...). You are always entitled to the latest version of Office. So you never have to buy new licenses. You are also released of the burden of upgrades.

Skype for Business

Online meetings, chat messages and video meetings in HD. Soon also PSTN calling in Belgium ! Already available in other countries like the UK, USA, the Netherlands and France. We can set this up for you. Can also be used for live streaming and video-on-demand, as some adjustments are made. Click here for more information.

Ideal for teams

Office365 includes many functionalities that facilitate collaboration within your team. There is Office365Teams where each team has a common environment with common mailbox, agenda, documents. There is also flawless integration with Skype for Business to communicate as efficiently as possible.

Always get more and more

You can already make use of:

  • office365 bookings : online scheduling your customers will love.
  • office365 findtime : the easiest way to scheduling across companies.
  • office365 planner : Organize teamwork with Microsoft Planner

Why choose CDM ICT?

CDM ICT provides total support on Office 365 and can help you set up, install and manage all aspects. Whether it's mail or data, online applications or offline, we have the experience and know-how to properly deploy and maintain Office 365. You can also contact us for training. That way, you can call on only 1 IT partner for both your local infrastructure and your cloud services.