Affordable and accessible learning platform

  • Windows10S
  • intune
  • hardware

Affordable and accessible learning platform

Amazing devices at very attractive prices:

Acer, HP, Lenovo and Dell offer very well-equipped devices at ground prices. As well for notebooks (from $189) as 2-in-1 devices (from $289).

Windows10S : Streamlined for security and speed:

  • uses only Microsoft-verified apps, for superior security levels day in and day out
  • streamlined and simplified to run faster and longer
  • Familiar Windows features on a range of devices gives schools the familiar, robust and productive experiences they expect
  • Cloud convenience plus the power of apps
  • Schools can switch free to Windows 10 Pro Education

Simpler way to deploy and manage classroom devices using Intune for EDU:

  • designed for education to address common school scenarios and settings, such as shared devices where user gets different settings and apps
  • fast enrollment and streamlined deployment
  • zero-touch management
  • scales to the environment and is easy for part-time IT staff to use, yet integrates with SCCM
  • import school, student and teacher info quickly with School Data Sync┬áto automatically create classes and keep student data up-to-date